Sexual Abuse

All of the art is Kerry-Louise’s own.
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 Therapeutic Art

You’re Not Alone!

This can have effects on your relationships, self esteem, self perceptions and your behaviours. The effects can be physically, emotionally and psychologically.

The title reads your not alone because you really are not alone. Kerry-Louise have met many people both male and female who have experienced sexual abuse, including her own personal experiences.

She have found that people who have touched the depths of despair can also reach the full spectrum of light. It is the balance of nature. The deeper you go down, the higher you can reach upwards and you don’t have to do it alone. There is never any shame in what you have experienced, even if those experiences have left you feel shameful.

If you have had or are having such experiences know that you can break free of its chains, feel your flame inside grow brighter, gain your body back, learn how to love yourself and to stop negative patterns that were created from the abuse.