The Fragmented Self

Trauma can make us feel fragmented, like the picture of the stones in the sand. We struggle to feel whole and complete.

Trauma can happen at any time in our lives and is better to deal with it as soon as it occurs. If you have experienced Trauma when you were a child and it was never addressed then there might be unprocessed emotions in adult life because a child is not able to cognitively understand what was happening and it gets held in the body. It all starts to be processed and expressed or avoided when we are teenagers through to our adult lives.

Trauma can lead to other difficulties such as anxiety, PTSD, depression and low self esteem. It can effect many different areas of our lives. To cope with what happened we develop coping mechanisms to deal with it. These coping mechanism can turn into beliefs that may have strong effects on our behaviours and therefore be effecting our lives and relationships in negative ways. This is not to judge this behaviours as wrong but to start to recognize that there are healthier ways to be.

Reoccurring patterns, dreams and emotions are a sign that the trauma wants to leave the body, to be understood, so it can be seen and released. This should be done with someone who can understand what you are going through and hold the space for you safely because some past feelings may need to be re-felt in order to be processed.