Counselling & Psychodynamic Therapy

The Body Speaks – Camborne Redruth Cornwall

Kerry-Louise Tomlins BA Dip.Couns

Integrative Counsellor – CPCAB
Person Centred and Psychodynamic
Reiki Master
Fine Artist

Kerry-Louise also uses:
Mindfulness and Meditation
Improvisation, Play and Movement

with 5 years training in dance and
performance improvisation facilitation.
1 year intense training in Fooling/Drama Therapy

Kerry-Louise has worked long term on her own shadows and challenges and continues to do so as healthy practice. She has also obtained qualifications that has allowed her to work deeply and emphatically with people. She is a qualified Therapeutic Integrative Counsellor, Reiki Master as well as trained in mindfulness, bereavement and Inner Child Work.
She is also continuing to develop her own therapy called Body Speak Therapy which uses our inner sensing and body awareness.


I couldn’t recommend more! Kerry has been such a wonderful supported to my daughter and myself, helping my daughter through a challenging time getting her through a diagnosis of ASD. Going above and beyond whilst being professional all the way nothing is to much trouble she allowed a safe space for us to be heard and understood. My relationship with my daughter is so much better and I will be forever grateful for all you have done.” Nadia – January, 2024

“Counselling – Kerry is the best therapist I’ve worked with and I’ve seen a few. She really makes things click in your mind and is very understanding. She has a wonderful personality that makes you feel really comfortable and not judged in any way. I’d highly recommend.” Glen Williams – November 3, 2022

“My sessions with Kerry have been incredibly healing, she truly is an amazing counsellor and holistic therapist. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of trauma, mental health and emotional balance. She is gentle, intuitive and holds space beautifully – creating a safe environment to explore what is going on at the time. I am grateful to have found her and would highly recommend” Alexa Davis – July 27, 2022

Kerry has helped me through some personal issues I had been having for many years. I am very grateful for her step by step guidance through reducing anxiety and I am with no doubt on a much more mindful and better path now. I highly recommend Kerry as a therapist, she has great energy and is very insightful within the field of mental health.Sami – May 12, 2022

“Kerri is fantastic ! She helped with my own personal well being and also helped me and my wife through our separation highly recommended”. Andrew Slade – September 30, 2021

Kerry’s warmth and genuine concern put me at ease and allowed me to open to the counselling process fully. Her counselling has allowed me to make great strides in a short period of time. Her observations and attentiveness allow Kerry to make “actionable” insights which I’ve been able to employ every day. Time with “SoulSynergy” “now known as The Body Speaks” has made a huge difference to my life. I’m tremendously grateful.Leo – 2021

“Kerry is an instinctive, trustworthy and gifted practitioner with a keen ear, and the Body Speaks process helped me use my own intuition to face stuff I’ve struggled with for decades.” . Dorje – October 11, 2019

“Kerry’s approach to healing is gentle, nurturing and powerful. I definitely felt held in a safe cocoon whilst allowing myself to let go and shift through anything I needed to. She combined a number of different mediums to create a lovely space within which to heal. Thank you Kerry Tomlins.” . Jo Tobin – June 5, 2018

I found Kerry at a very challenging time in my life, following several bereavements and other life events that had caused me pain which I was unable to move through. Kerry guided me, safely, through both body and thought, to a state of greater understanding and clarity about the nature of pain and ways to take a different view of our own internal worlds. She taught me the importance of recognizing and listening to my body and its unconscious wisdom. Kerry’s approach is gentle, assured and secure but at the same time, powerfully effective. I will not hesitate to recommend her to people I know in need of a safe and gentle space within which to heal. Thank you” . Nory – June 2, 2018

“Kerry is incredibly gifted. she is amazing at knowing what’s going on! Her incredible work and insight helped me a lot. I highly recommend her.” . Eben Wolfryn – October 19, 2018

“Kerry created a safe place to explore something very new to me. The body scanning was insightful and enlightening and gave me much to think about. What i learnt has increased my awareness and need to practice self care. It was lovely to have the opportunity to work so creatively. Thank you”. Jo Philp August 28, 2016

“My healing session with Kerry was like laying on a bed of clouds while a shawoman in butterfly form sung to my soul and waved her wings to make vibrations that allowed my body and mind to recognise and allow healing* She used an intuitive mix of sound healing, reiki, and her deep being”. Ebony – 2015

“I had a reiki healing with Kerry and it was profound, gentle and felt very safe. Thank you”. Paul – August 27, 2015

She works with art and movement as a way to access our deepest selves and facilitates workshops for these. She is an inspiring poet that touches on the fragility and strengths of the human spirit and will be preforming these at Buddhafield and Port Elliot this year 2018”.

The synergy between people can create magic as well as the relationship we form with our bodies. It is that heart to heart connection, our hearts medicine, our conscious presence, the mirror and the loving compassion generated between people and for ourselves that can take us deeper. Just as nature or our bodies knows how to heal itself naturally, so do we on a mental and emotional level. Only society, conditioning and life experiences have taught us to forget this innate knowledge. Her work is to support in bringing that knowledge back. To offer a safe space to explore more of who we are with out judgement. A deeper self awareness offer us more control over our patterns that prevent us form living the life we want.

She completed her Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling in 2011. Moreover, she has counselled many clients and is working towards her accreditation. She has also had many hours in personal therapy with different therapists and modalities. Additionally, she has been practising Reiki since 2010 and qualified as a Reiki Master and has also studied sound as a form of healing.

She has Degree in Fine Art and has been using this as a therapeutic means to support others since 2001. She has worked with children and adults who have been sexually abused for three years in different settings. She trained with Ad-Action to support those struggling with drugs and alcohol abuse. She has volunteered with Penhaligons friends and did thier extensive training in bereavement for young people and their families. She has worked with those struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD and co-dependency as well as people with eating disorders.

She is has facilitating adult play, improvisation workshops, and is still facilitating inclusive workshops for art, improvisation, movement, dance and performance. Merging the worlds of performance, creativity and self development. This offers us a place for connection and deeper self exploration, intuition, spontaneity. A safe space for risk taking, listening and self expression.

She continues to use art in its many forms, as a therapeutic means for herself and others to explore ourselves more deeply. Or use it to unwind, communicate ourselves or just be with what is.

When she is not working, she enjoys writing, walking with her dogs, mediation, friendships, family and nature. She love to express herself through different mediums such as her poetry, art and dance. She eats healthy and tries to live a conscientious life.

She has transformed a lot of her shadows by bringing them into the light. There is nothing to fear in understanding our shadows as life will always contain the contrasts. Darkness is only the absence of light, and it is light the casts every shadow.

Much Love from