What is anxiety?

There are varying levels of anxiety that we can experience. Some anxiety is natural, however for some people the flight fight response is triggered by our thoughts. We develop patterns of unhelpful thoughts depending on our childhood experiences.
People who experience anxiety tend to be those who put other people’s needs before their own. Over riding their own intuition if this is done enough, we start to distrust ourselves.

Our emotions are our compass point that guides us. If we are not listening to it then we are going to have to learn in other ways as we cant keep up behaviours that are detrimental. As your body and mind will constantly be directing you back to you wholeness. If you are someone who says yes but means no or vice versa, if you struggle to put yourself first for fear of being selfish then you are upsetting your natural inner balance.

When we are experiencing higher levels of anxiety we may start to avoid certain situations such as going to crowded places or avoiding open spaces. Once we have experience anxiety we can start to create all sorts of phobias from things we have actually felt threatened by or something completely unknown to why. Repetitive behaviours, like OCD, can become coping strategies, when dealing with anxiety.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to something in your life that was felt as a threat originally. It is now your teacher and through exploration we can discover why its hear, where it came from and how best to move through it.