Low Self Esteem

All of the art is Kerry-Louise’s own.
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Therapeutic Art

A low self esteem can leave you feeling as if we don’t fit in, when deep down you are craving to feel wanted. You may feel like you are alone and do not have any one to turn to. It maybe that you are not confident and feeling unable to speak up for yourself, or you may find yourself comparing yourself to others or just have a feeling of a lack of un-fulfillment.

To help ourselves feel better we may find our selves over eating, or not eating enough. We may try to avoid certain people or situations or even use heavier substances to help raise our confidence. we will have created self sabotaging behaviours that only perpetuate the feelings.

Finding the root causes for why you are feeling low, can start to help you to find some relief. Learning to love yourself and finding a deeper self acceptance can empower you to take steps you never thought you could do. Letting go of that self conscious critic.