Inner Child Work

All of the art is Kerry-Louise’s own. 
Please see her
 Therapeutic Art

We all have an inner child as we used to be one, but some how forgot this as we grew up. It is when we are a child that we are most impressionable and wanting to learn about the world around us. Adults are not always sensitive to what we are needing and can neglect to understand a childs needs

As children we follow our role models and mimic the world around us. Even copying behaviours of others that may not be good for us. Most people have some wounding caused to them at very young ages and this will be carried into their adult lives as that wounded child remain unresolved until the issues are dealt with.

Some behaviours we developed from our childhood would have helped us cope through a daunting time, however these behaviours may now be holding us back.

If it is appropriate we can work to help heal that aspect of ourselves.