Integrative Counselling

Working with the whole person

This will mostly be explored through dialogue and silence is always welcomed too. Stillness can be important. But we can dip into more expressive therapies. There are never any expectations because this is ‘your space’ to be and do as you need.

There is not one cure, and I feel it is important to flow with the other person to understand what they are needing, leaving behind my own agendas and giving my deepest presence. This work can be as deep as you want to go, or as gentle as you want it to be, whether that is looking at the shadow aspects of self, trauma, gaining a deeper sense of self love, working on the relationship with yourself or understanding your relationship with others, it really can be endless in our exploration together.

All the work is felt intuitively and is delivered holistically with all parts of the person embodied with my skills and training over the last 15 years. Always offering a safe and supportive space, unconditional positive regards, congruence, beneficence, autonomy and non-maleficence. Regular supervision and self development will always be undertaken.