Body Speaks Therapy

Exploring our Bodies Knowledge

Would you like to go a little deeper in to the language of your body? Understand what your body is trying to communicate through illness or pain? or have you experienced Trauma?

Then we can release a let go through Body Speaks Therapy. Working in harmony with our mental emotional and physical well being.

Our bodies have stored information through our whole entire life and will alert us when we are out of balance. Nature is always striving for homeostasis and so all illness whether mental or emotional is only a message that somewhere we are out of alignment.

Many people have healed their physical problems through understanding and releasing their mental and emotion issues, by getting in touch with their bodies intelligence. People such as Louise L Hay, and Kerry-Louise recommend the book Metaphysical Anatomy by Evette Rose, informing us about what ailments and what mental and emotional issues they relate to.

Whatever we make conscious we can shift. This method also uses mediation and relaxation, soul retrieval, Inner Child Work, Counselling, Reiki, Intuition, the Third Eye, Colour therapy, NLP and CBT to support the body in repair.